Sports Memorabilia Redefined

The Problem

Trophies, medals, and rings are classic awards that have been around forever with little innovation. There's often very little personalization that goes into these awards causing them to feel generic and dated. Athletes deserve a custom award that reminds them of the hardwork they put in and the achievements they accomplish.

Our Solution

Collectible Canvas offers high quality, personalized, artwork that you'll want to display on your wall for years to come. Not only does our product work as tournament awards for any sport but they can also be used as home decor, memoirs, to honor achievements, or as great gifts for athletes and coaches. We've created a new standard of sports memorabilia that allows any athlete of any age to feel and look like a professional athlete.

Our Work and Product

Let's take a look at how our product is made, and below you can see what really makes our product stand out!

Custom Artwork

Everyone who orders gets a piece personalized towards them, their team, or organization. Utilizing your photos, colors and logo. Plus we'll make sure you love the design before we make the physical product.

Stretched Canvas

We print on canvas and stretch it over a wooden frame. Canvas allows us to create high quality prints that won't fade, or tear, and maintains high levels of color precision.

A Product with Depth

Since we stretch our prints over a frame our product has real depth. Instead of laying flat on the wall like a felt pennant, or picture, ours literally stands out.

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