Frequently Asked Questions

Team discounts?

- We currently do not offer team discounts. Our products are priced as low as we can go due to the cost of materials. However, you may save on shipping by ordering through Scott@collectiblecanvas.com. Make sure to use "Shopify Order" in the subject of the email.

Will it reach me on time/When will it reach me?

- The entire order process takes about 5-8 days from the time you submit your order until your product reaches you. After your order leaves our facility, we do not have any control of shipping delays or when the product reaches you. To ensure your order reaches you on time please order as soon as you are able to. Our turnaround time is on average 5-8 with shipping.
What can I add to the plate?

- Almost anything but keep in mind that space is limited, so less is sometimes more. Common personalization across all plates includes player photo, school/organization logo, player name, player number, and some customers have added a thank you message to a sponsor/coach and a year. Additional personalization (if used) is subject to additional charges at the discrepancy of Collectible Canvas.
What pictures can I use/Will this picture work?

- Not all photos are useable. We look for high quality photos that are not missing any portion of the persons/group photographed. We will not use photos including watermarks, stock images that do not have a proof of licensing, or screenshots of google images. Below is an example of a quality usable image, and one that is not usable. 
- The image with the green check mark displays a player that is totally in frame and has good resolution. The image with the red X shows the subjects extremities removed from frame or covered in some way.


Can I see the design before the product gets to me?

- Yes! We will send you a proof when your design is ready, and we will not print or proceed with your order in any fashion until the design is approved beforehand. This ensures less mistakes along the way as long as making sure the product you receive will be to your liking with the personalization applied.
The proof I received doesn't appear straight or centered.

- Our proofs are designed to provide a pseudo 3d effect. It may not appear straight or centered because we have provided a side edge for you to view as well, not just the face of the plate. We make sure during the designing stage that everything is centered aligned and will be properly displayed on the canvas.

I'm looking for something I don't see listed on your site.

- We offer a ton of variations and products such as yard signs, oversized banners, vinyl banners, and more. We would love to know how to better help you. Please reach out with questions or ideas to: Scott@collectiblecanvas.com